Monday, February 21, 2011


After working on my sketch for an audition notice this morning, I was a bit peckish and thought I'd grab a quick brekkie. Old Mother Batty's cupboard was bare. Well, not quite.......there are large containers of cake flour, sugar, pasta & rice; cans of pilchards, tomato soup, sardines & beans. I did give all of them some serious thought, but the image of crispy bran flakes danced in my head and wouldn't give way to a plate of baked beans. I'd have to go to the shops. I detest shopping for one; advertising your status by picking out 1 apple, 2 bananas, 1 onion and 1 tomato. I grabbed my keys and bag, slipped my feet into my sandals and was about to head out of the door when I realised I hadn't combed my hair and was still in my jammies. OMG, 10.30 a.m. - I'm turning into a slob! New resolution: get dressed and brush hair before starting anything in the morning.
I always feel good when I make a resolution. Then weak and pathetic when I don't keep it, which is just about always. I've given up on new year's resolutions altogether - why start the year with a poor self image?
Parking lots: does anyone else wonder why, after you've scraped half of the tread off your tyres to get near enough to the machine, a little man jumps out, grabs the ticket out of your hand and & does it all for you? They pay someone to do that?
I got back, I ate the bran flakes for lunch and finished the sketch:

L, The Plaids
It's been more than three years since I directed a show; time to jump back in. I love directing. I've missed the journey that starts with reading the script and ends with biting my nails in the audience on opening night. The show I'll be doing is 'Forever Plaid' (as in 'glad'). I already have an amazing Musical Director and an experienced Stage Manager, now to find a cast. An abysmal first audition made me realise that you can't rely on Facebook alone to advertise for those rarest of creatures: men who can both sing and act. And I need four of them! Strangely enough, I wasn't devastated - somehow I know I'll find them.
(There are some really great videos on Youtube of various productions of  'Forever Plaid' - if you're interested in having a look, just Google 'Youtube Forever Plaid' and you'll find dozens. The music is really great and the script is hilarious.)

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  1. Love the new background! LOL! Before I started working again, I was getting up at 6am but only showering after 9am. Totally slobby! Unforgivable! But a very good resolution. Good luck sticking to it!