Monday, February 21, 2011


After working on my sketch for an audition notice this morning, I was a bit peckish and thought I'd grab a quick brekkie. Old Mother Batty's cupboard was bare. Well, not quite.......there are large containers of cake flour, sugar, pasta & rice; cans of pilchards, tomato soup, sardines & beans. I did give all of them some serious thought, but the image of crispy bran flakes danced in my head and wouldn't give way to a plate of baked beans. I'd have to go to the shops. I detest shopping for one; advertising your status by picking out 1 apple, 2 bananas, 1 onion and 1 tomato. I grabbed my keys and bag, slipped my feet into my sandals and was about to head out of the door when I realised I hadn't combed my hair and was still in my jammies. OMG, 10.30 a.m. - I'm turning into a slob! New resolution: get dressed and brush hair before starting anything in the morning.
I always feel good when I make a resolution. Then weak and pathetic when I don't keep it, which is just about always. I've given up on new year's resolutions altogether - why start the year with a poor self image?
Parking lots: does anyone else wonder why, after you've scraped half of the tread off your tyres to get near enough to the machine, a little man jumps out, grabs the ticket out of your hand and & does it all for you? They pay someone to do that?
I got back, I ate the bran flakes for lunch and finished the sketch:

L, The Plaids
It's been more than three years since I directed a show; time to jump back in. I love directing. I've missed the journey that starts with reading the script and ends with biting my nails in the audience on opening night. The show I'll be doing is 'Forever Plaid' (as in 'glad'). I already have an amazing Musical Director and an experienced Stage Manager, now to find a cast. An abysmal first audition made me realise that you can't rely on Facebook alone to advertise for those rarest of creatures: men who can both sing and act. And I need four of them! Strangely enough, I wasn't devastated - somehow I know I'll find them.
(There are some really great videos on Youtube of various productions of  'Forever Plaid' - if you're interested in having a look, just Google 'Youtube Forever Plaid' and you'll find dozens. The music is really great and the script is hilarious.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

EX-MUSING 22.2.2011

In case this is all too confusing, me having two blogs; let me explain.
I started the original blog under the title 'Mamajoon' in 2008. I enjoy writing, but it took some persuading from one of the Mupersans to go public.
It got a surprisingly good response - although I have to point out that people seem reluctant to leave comments, I got emails from friends instead, telling me to carry on with the blog as they were really enjoying it.

Shortly after writing the last posting under Mamajoon, Chris was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given 6 to 8 months to live. Gone was the dream of Chris retiring in 5 years and us sitting on a porch in our 80's, overlooking the sea or a river. We had a 'sell by' date. Then he had chemo, one especially developed for the type of cancer he had (Mesothelioma) and the dreaded cells were knocked back. Of course I researched everything I could about the disease and started a correspondence with a lady in the U.S. who had been living with the same cancer for 12 years. A glimmer of light at the end of the dark tunnel we were travelling through. So we kept ourselves busy closing down the business, selling the houses and buying an apartment to retire in. Chris looked amazing and had so much fun renovating
No-one enjoyed DIY as much as he did! Dougs, Mons, Chris jnr and Jazzie came out in April last year to spend some time with us. Precious time - they wouldn't see him again. Mandy & Scott booked their holiday for October last year. A holiday that wasn't to be. Chris was hospitalised after having the first of his second series of chemo sessions. Mandy flew out and was able to be with him for his last days. How bitterly ironic that the chemo which we were so sure would give us more time, gave us so much less.
We did have more than 8 months, we had 20. It wasn't enough.
Life is still surreal without him - 7 months later.
This isn't meant to be a depressing blog, honest. But it is the explanation for why I stopped the Mamajoon blog. I couldn't write about what was happening to us, I just couldn't. So during that 20 months I took a 'sabbatical' from everything and we spent precious time together, Chris and I, with the added company of some amazing friends. It was a short retirement, but there were lots of laughs and many jaunts down the happy memory lanes we'd travelled.
So, as they say, life goes on. And difficult as it is sometimes, especially when I'm alone here, I still have those friends who can make me laugh. I still have my kids and grandchildren - and Chris' blood courses strongly through them.
And now the next chapter of my blog life begins.
If you've got a comment, please leave it - good or bad, I'd like to know what you think..................


I was at an AGM today and an old friend apologetically voiced her opinion on a few things - apologetically because these were things she'd said before. Then I spoke up to make a point - also regarding something I'd repeated for a couple of years. I meant to say:
'You might think Shirley & I are a couple of whining old bats, but....'
I actually said:
'I don't want to sound like a whining old bat like Shirley....'
There was a silence.......and I said 'No! I didn't mean to say that, I meant....'
But by now the room had collapsed in laughter. And of course no matter how much I apologised to Shirley, the damage had been done. Hung by the tongue. So I've promised her a dinner instead, and I'm going to follow through on that.
The story of my life.
You'd think one would grow wiser as one grows older, wouldn't you? I've been waiting for wisdom for a long time now. I know it's not supposed to happen overnight. But I'm about to give up and bury myself in a nunnery where I have to take a vow of silence. Do they accept old bats these days?
Then again, think of the laughter at my expense that I'll deprive people of.......